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Adding New Services and Skills – MISSU 5 Day Nail Art Challenge

Do you feel like your influx of new clients has slowed down? Do you feel like customers aren’t returning as often or at all? Are you ‘stuck in a rut’? Are you not making as much money as usual and feel like packing it all in? Well, sames! A lot of salon owners and nail technicians are reporting this exact same feeling post-covid. Is it really all worth it? Why is business slower?

During the lockdowns of the 2010’s nail and beauty salons were really pushed to the side and their emotions toyed with… can we or can’t we open? We soon found new ways to generate income and keep our skills up to scratch (pun not intended) from making press ons, to selling acetone to remove and creating more online content.

Well it’s time to find that fire and determination again so we can start to rebuild our businesses into our own empires that they once were! It’s time for a refresh and here are a few ways that you can do it:

  • We already spoke about adding salon retail in our last blog which you can read here. Adding retail is a great way to generate extra income, retain clients and offer great aftercare.
  • New services for your business can attract new customers and entice your existing ones back to try the fresh new trends. As well as offering nail art, clients are also looking for the newest upgrades in nail enhancements and treatments. Missu Flexi Press Tips are the latest innovative way to extend nails. They are super simple to apply and offer your client a far better quality of extensions. They are excellent on short or bitten nails, they come in all shapes and sizes including extra wide and extra long. They half the time it takes you to apply extensions, making it more profitable for you too! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog “How do Flexi Press Tips Improve Your Business” Which will include real testimonies from our customers. We will be generating brand new and current reviews from our latest survey. You can receive our survey by joining the mailing list. You can check out latest courses online and in person on our academy page.
  • Gaining new skills can help to relight your spark and love for nails as well as being able to offer new and improved services for your clients. Now more than ever social media is putting trendy designs into people’s minds and they want to have their own nails looking ‘insta-worthy’. Learning on trend nail art takes some time and practice but with MISSU it is super simple and more often than not – FREE. Check out our YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram for daily tutorials absolutely free. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to get all the information and up to date offers. 
    • As part of us supporting you with new skills we have the missu 5 day nail art challenge to help you learn, build on your skills and gain more confidence. Sign up to the challenge absolutely free here: Sign up to the nail art challenge
    • Once you have signed up you will receive a welcome email, shortly after you will receive your first video via email. Then over the next 4 days you will receive the next 4 videos.
    • Please let us know how you are getting on with the video masterclasses, and share your work with #missu5daychallenge

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