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Mermazing Nails Tutorial – Step by Step Techniques – Part 2

Enjoyed last week’s mermazing tutorial? There’s more gorgeous nails where that came from…

Today we’re back with some more step-by-step tutorials of our mermazing nail set – if you didn’t already get chance to see part one of this tutorial, make sure you click here and check out last week’s blog. For those of you who didn’t get chance to see our most recent Missu tutorial, these particular Mermazing nails were made by myself and Lucy on a quiet afternoon after a very busy #MissuVision live streaming session! We just loved them so much that we thought they’d be perfect for a tutorial, as the design is so easy and versatile.

What is #MissuVision?

If you haven’t already heard of #MissuVision, it is a series of lives that take place on our various social media platforms but is mainly focused on Facebook. The live streams include tutorials much like the step-by-steps we’ll be showing you today as well as an amazing giveaway and daily deal that can be yours for one day only. This takes place every single Monday and Thursday at 2:30pm and we’re currently looking at adding an additional day each week due to the immense support the livestreams have been shown so far…it’s that good. 

Our team effort resulted in the cutest little collection of nails that features polishes from several of our collections plus sparkly gems, chunky glitter, a pretty ombre effect and some funky Missu 4D Gel bows! We even added in some spectacular scales with our Missu White Pro Gel. These nails really are mermazing! They feature a wide variety of Missu products which we’re sure you guys will love, and showcase some of the creative and clever ways you artists out there can use them. This set is sure to be your next nail-spo, and we’d love to see what it inspires you to create…make sure you tag us in any recreations with the #missu so we can check out your work!

So now you know all about Missu Vision and how you can join in, let’s get started. We hope you enjoy reading all about our afternoon creating these nails as we certainly enjoyed making them.


Funky 4D Bows + Chrome

For this set we used the following Missu products;  Base Coat, Miss Sunshine 05 , 4D Gel in Snow Queen, Holographic Chrome Powder,  Shiny Top Coat, 4D Gel Brush, Gel Cleanser,  Travel Lamp

  1. Firstly, paint a layer of our Missu Base Coat onto the nail. Then cure with our travel lamp.
  2. Add a thin layer of Miss Sunshine 05, ensuring all the nail is covered, then cure.
  3. Then add a second layer of Miss Sunshine and cure again.
  4. Add a thin layer of our shiny Missu Top Coat, cure.
  5. Using a small applicator, apply the Holographic Chrome Powder to the nail. It is easiest to dab the powder all over nail at first, and then begin to work the powder in a circular motion, covering the whole of the nail.
  6. Lightly paint over a layer of Missu Shiny Top Coat. Be careful when doing this as you don’t want to drag any of the Chrome Powder off.
  7. To add the 4D bow, scoop out a small bit of our 4D Gel in Snow Queen.
  8. Cut this in two for each side of the bow. Roll each piece into a little ball and pop it onto the nail.
  9. Pat each ball down to create a teardrop shape. Use our Gel Cleanser to keep the 4D Gel moist and easier to work with.
  10. Once you have both sides of the bow in place, scoop out another small ball for the middle of the bow. Pat this in place, then cure.
  11. Once cured, add a thin layer of Missu Shiny Top Coat to the bow, be careful you don’t loose any detail when doing this. Cure.
Nail Art

Funky 4D Bows


Spiky Gem Patterned Glam

For this set we used the following Missu products;  Base Coat, Miss Sunshine 05,  Shiny Top Coat, Pro Gel in Wedding Dress, Extra Fine Detail Brush,  Jewellery Gel, 4D Gel Brush, Gems, Travel Lamp

  1. Start off by painting a layer of Missu Base Coat, then cure under our travel lamp.
  2. Add a thin layer of Miss Sunshine 05, ensuring all of the nails is covered, before curing. Repeat this step until you are happy with the coverage of the colour base.
  3. Use the 4D gel brush to apply a blob of our Missu Jewellery gel to the nail in the areas where you would like to position your gems.
  4. Place your sparkly blue gems on top of the jewellery gel in a pyramid shape from the top of the nail. Cure this under the travel lamp.
  5. For the white detailing, use our Pro Gel in Wedding Dress with a Missu Extra Fine Brush to apply the design shown on the photo.Take your time and use as much or as little you like.
  6. Once you’ve finished your design, cure again before applying a Missu Shiny Top Coat over the nail. Avoid putting the top coat over the gems for a shinier finish and cure one final time to set the top coat.
Nail Art

Spikey Gem Pattern Glam


Stand Out Sparkles + Cascading Gems

For this set we used the following Missu products; Base Coat, Mermaid Tail 02, Shiny Top Coat, Jewellery Gel,  4D Gel Brush, Gems, Travel Lamp

  1. Start off by painting a layer of Missu Base Coat, then cure.
  2. Paint a thin layer of Mermaid Tail 02, ensure that all of the nail is covered and cure.
  3. Repeat step 2, then add a layer of our Missu Shiny Top Coat and then cure under the travel lamp.
  4. Once the top coat is cured, add some of the Missu Jewellery Gel in the corner of the nail.
  5. Carefully stick on your Gems in random order and cure under the lamp.
  6. To finish off this design, add some top coat around the gems to ensure they are stuck down and won’t move. Try not to get the top coat over the gems though, as this will dull any sparkle.
Nail Art

Stand Out Sparkles



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