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Why missu? + April 2022 Survey Report

Why missu? April 2022 Survey Report

Choosing the right brand for you and your business can be a confusing task leaving you indecisive. We get asked all the time, why missu? Why should I buy your product? Well here’s why:

  1. Team of experts: missu is a team of industry experts, your products and courses are designed and delivered by nail artists, salon owners and fully qualified teachers. People that really know you as the consumer, because we have been there ourselves! We know what clients want and we know what nail artists like to use. We create solutions to all of your nail needs.
  2. 5 star service: One of the many things we get complimented on and the thing we are most proud of is our outstanding support and customer service. Nothing is too much trouble, we understand you and we want you to have the best shopping and support experience.
  3. Free advice and education: As a brand we offer the best advice and more education than any of the industry leaders. We offer daily tutorials and we will personally support you with any guidance that you need.
  4. Quality products: Our products are hand-picked and developed by us, we ensure their quality from start to finish. They contain no nasty ingredients and are made to last. But most importantly missu products are super simple to use. Did you know that’s what missu stands for? Make It Super Simple to Use!
  5. World class education: As qualified and experienced teachers, we are passionate about delivering the best quality education and training possible via the missu Academy. We are constantly updating our courses, dates and locations. All of our courses are fully accredited by ABT and each of our educators are not only nail gurus but they are fully qualified and fully accredited. They are also very friendly, patient and supportive.
  6. Rewarding: We certainly know how to take care of our loyal and newest customers. We offer various loyalty schemes, are constantly spoiling you with freebies and always try our best to deliver the best possible price we can for you. We have weekly and monthly giveaways and deals, but you can always contact us to discuss discounts. If you don’t ask – you don’t get! 

But please, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us – right now….. In April 2022 we sent out our survey and as of 6/5/2022 101 have people completed it. Here are the reasons that you should convert:

  1. Shopping Experience: Out of 101 people asked in the survey 86.1% said that they were “highly satisfied” with their shopping experience. 10.9% were satisfied. 
  2. Favourite Products: 36.6% of responses were simply “ALL!” Whilst 22.8% said it was our Gel Polish on the podium for them and 21.8% said it was our fabulous Flexi Press Tips. 
  3. What keeps them coming back: 40.6% of our returning customers said it was “all of the above” including quality, customer service, affordability, support, loyalty scheme and our wide range of products, 23.8% said it was the quality of our products and 10.9% agreed that we are an affordable and cost-effective brand.


Finally, we asked our customers what they would like to see more of from missu. It is so important when trying to retain an excellent service that you are constantly gathering feedback. But most importantly – acting upon it! Here are a few examples of what our customers have asked for and what we have done to improve it:


  1. More live tutorials: 50.5% said they wanted to see even more of us! We do have a lot of pre-recorded content that we post more than daily across our social media platforms and YouTube. We also have our weekly live however, our customers want to see more lives on different times/days. So we will be setting a poll up to find out the most popular requests.
  2. Course Variety: 24.7% would like to see different types of courses. We currently offer a course for every type of product we have including Level 1 and Level 2. We currently have the following courses:
  • Level 1 Gel Manicure
  • Level 1 Gel Flexi Press Tip Enhancement
  • Level 1 Combi (Gel Manicure & Flexi Press Tips)
  • Level 1 Gel Enhancement (includes cool sculpting gel and brush up builder gel)
  • Level 1 Acrylic Enhancement 
  • Level 1 Nail Art
  • Level 2 Gel Enhancement (includes fully sculptured gel enhancements with gel forms)
  • Level 2 Acrylic Enhancement (includes fully sculptured acrylic enhancements with acrylic forms)
  • Level 2 E-File
  • Level 2 Nail Art

As more courses have been requested, we are now working on more skill building and masterclass courses. You can request any type of 1-2-1 with an educator online or face to face. We will also have from June new educators covering the following areas: 

  • Wales
  • Bedfordshire
  • Leicestershire
  • West Midlands
  • Doncaster


  • Demo Days: Finally, 9.3% of our customers requested to see us more in person on one of our demo days. We of course didn’t run any face to face demo days due to covid. But rest-assured we have huge plans to tour the country and NI to set up demo and play days. You can come along and try all of the missu products plus watch live tutorials. There is also some very hefty sales on the day!


So why missu? … that’s why. If you feel like you need more convincing then let me tell you about our salon trade-in offer. We will trade your old gel polishes for brand new missu ones – absolutely free, just to get you to convert…. Yes that’s right – 30 brand new and completely free bottles of quality missu gel polish from a supportive and expert brand.


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