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NEW Gel Polish Collections!

Here at Missu we have brought back some of your favourite and most ordered Gel Polish colours in brand NEW collections! We have three new collections – In The Nude, Olive Garden, and Stardust.✨


Do you have some old limited edition Missu Gel Polish colours? All new colours are available to purchase separately as well as in a full collection which is perfect for those who need to stock up on limited edition colours that have been brought back in these new collections! – I will list the original colours in this blog 🥰

Although you may already have some original colours in the new collections

Missu Gel Polish is a high quality gel product for professional and personal use.

  • Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes
  • Cure under Missu LED lamp for 45 seconds
  • High shine, long-lasting finish
  • Product size: 12ml


Don’t forget your Base Coat, Strengthener & Shiny non-wipe Top Coat too!


The new ‘Stardust’ Gel Polish collection includes:

  • Stardust 01 – originally Sugar Coating 01
  • Stardust 02 – originally Sugar Coating 02
  • Stardust 03 – originally Sugar Coating 10
  • Stardust 04 – originally Sugar Coating 09
  • Stardust 05 – originally Sugar Coating 08

Stardust Gel Polish


In the ‘Olive Garden’ Gel Polish collection you will receive:

  • Olive Garden 01 – originally Miss Lucy 10
  • Olive Garden 02 – originally Party Queen 02
  • Olive Garden 03 – originally Miss Lucy 07
  • Olive Garden 04 – originally Sugar Coating 07
  • Olive Garden 05 – originally Miss Lucy 06

Olive Garden Gel Polish


The new ‘In The Nude’ Gel Polish Collection includes colours:

  • In the Nude 01 – originally Miss Lucy 04
  • In the Nude 02 – originally Miss Lucy 09
  • In the Nude 03 – originally Miss Lucy 05
  • In the Nude 04 – originally Cuddly Bear 04
  • In the Nude 05 – originally Cuddly Bear 01

In The Nude Gel Polish


Take a look at the nail art designs created by Tara all using the new collections! If you are interested in learning nail art techniques and simple nail related skills watch our Facebook LIVES every Sunday – Wednesday at 7.30pm (UK time) over on our Facebook page.

Do you need some nail inspo and tutorias? Check out our YouTube Channel HERE  and get learning!

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