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NEW Red Pocket Gel Polish Collection

To start the year off right we have launched a brand new Missu Gel Polish Collection with all of our ‘go to’ reds and pinks. Red Pocket also includes two glitter colours for all of you glitter lovers too!

Get your hands on our BRAND NEW Gel Polish Collection ‘RED POCKET’ tonight at 7pm on our Live Launch Party!


I decided to get creatuve with these new colours. I also tried to think of ways I could use all five new olours in one set. The first set I created included tartan! (one of my most used winter designs). I found using this design I could incorporate all of the Red Pocket coloours in one design. I recorded creating all three sets so you can check them out on our Youtube Channel too!


Using abstract designs within my nail art creations has always been an absolute favourite of mine. It’s quick, easy and you change it up whatever way you like. I am still OBSESSED with leopard print and foils so decided to use both! The main colour in this set was Red Pocket 03.


One other design I loveeee, Tie-Dye. Tie-Dye was all in style last year and I am bringing it back! Again, I was able to use all five colours from the Red Pocket collection within this set and simply blended them together using my Extra Fine Detail Brush . The great thing about Tie-dye is that you can change the shapes, add different colours and add other nail art bits in too! For this set I used some dried flowers in the middle of my Tie-die to ‘hide’ the messy splurge of colours.


Join me in creating some beautiful nail designs with this brand new collection Red Pocket! Show me your creations on our Missu Nails Support Group!

Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials on our Missu Youtube Channel too!


Love, Tara x

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