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Which Missu Brush is right for you?

January Brush Blog

Brushes… Need some help finding the perfect one?

Missu have a great range of brushes for every need and every product!

We have the right brush for you, whether it be for sculpting a nail or for creating beautiful nail art.

Here at Missu, we are all about style as well as affordability and performance. Our collection of brushes are designed to catch the eye whilst look professional and also help to create great looking and of course well built nails. For most people, the correct brush can determine whether a set goes well, or just doesn’t go to plan. Remember, every artist needs the correct tools!

Sculpt & Shape –

We have designed a couple of brushes to help sculpt nails using both Gel and Acrylic systems.

Our Size 8 Acrylic Brush is just the right size to create acrylic nails. It gives you enough product to sculpt the nail whilst giving you full control. This brush is perfect for those who are getting used to the feel of acrylic, bead placement and overall shaping.

The Rounded Gel Brush is fantastic for those who want to easily pick up gel product and move it around the nail. The rounded brush head is great for manipulating gel product around the cuticle area, helping you to achieve that precise finish.

We also have a 4D Gel Nail Art Brush which has a slightly tipped brush head, and a pointed tail end to help ‘scoop’ the product out of the pot mess free. The 4D Gel Nail Art Brush is perfect for pretty much every gel product, but it is great for 3D & 4D nail art designs. This brush goes hand in hand with our 4D Gel which is perfect for 3D designs. See more about this amazing product here, or watch one of our videos below to see just how the product and brush can be used together.


Visit our Youtube page to watch nail tutorials and to keep up to date with our latest products.

Nail Art –

Not all of our brushes are made for sculpting! We have such a good range of brushes which help you to achieve your nail art goals.

If you’re wanting to achieve hand drawn artwork then our Extra Fine Detail and Detail brush are perfect for creating miniature works of art.

So what is the difference between these two brushes?

Our Detail Brush has a nice long set of bristles which is thinner than the regular nail art brush; this is so you can easily and neatly paint designs on a small surface area. The Extra Fine Detail Brush is made even thinner and is ideal for creating thin line work and to outline drawings. They are both amazing brushes and can be used in numerous ways. Get creative guys!

Our 3D Acrylic brush is perfect for those who love making 3D Acrylic adornments. It has a high point so you can easily pick up the coloured acrylic and sharp sides so you can quickly shape and form your design. A lot of our clients use this brush to sculpt beautiful 3D flowers. Check out our wide range of Acrylic Powder too; our range can be used for Dipping Systems, Sculpting and Nail Art.

We also have a One Stroke Brush. This is for the very popular nail art design, one stroke. It is pretty much self explanatory, however, the brush head is angled making it simple to create the desired look.

The Petal brush is again pretty much self explanatory. It is used to create perfect petal shapes with Gel Polish or Pro Gel and can be used to create further detailed work. This brush is for those wish to create easy, eye-catching flowers.

On top of all the above, we have an Ombre Brush which is double ended for both gel application and nail art design. It can be used to apply Gel Polish, Pro Gel, and even our Chrome Powder! The ombre possibilities are endless!

If you fancy trying all of our brush collection then you can purchase them as a set.  All of our Crystal Nail Art Brush Set are available together – shop them HERE. Please note, our 4D Gel Brush and Ombre Brush do come separately.


We hope that this helps to explain just what each of our brushes are designed for. Sometimes it can be hard to choose with having so much selection! 😉


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