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Nail Wrap

Instant, trendy nail art designs, for quick and fun manicure

What is MeiMei Nail Wrap?

MeiMei Nail Wrap is made of soft and stretchy PE material with trendy nail art that designed for quick and fun manicure.

Easy & quick, minimum equipment

Trendy and fun manicure in 10-15 minutes. No drying time, no hairdryer or heat lamp required. Just stick & go

Salon results

Lasts up to 7 days or 14 days with top coat. Don’t need to get nails envy, just do it yourself (and it’s super fun)

Great quality

No odour, no gel or acrylic allergies. Suitable for literally, anyone

Nail Wrap step by step

1. Prep

Clean hands and make sure your nails are dry. Remove the clear cover

2. Choose

Choose a nail wrap to match the nail size. Peel the nail wrap off

3. Apply

Apply nail wrap onto the nail & gently stretch it to fit the nail

4. File

File the excess nail wrap off

5. Optional

Apply top coat for longer lasting result

* Avoid any oil based and household cleaning products

meimei nail wrap
MeiMei Nail Wraps (Foxy Lady)

Instant nail designs

of designs

MeiMei Nail Wraps (Gold Marble)

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How to apply / remove & apply

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"I LOVE the wraps! So easy to apply. I don't have time to go to salon every month, and this is perfect for me!"


"Been following MeiMei on Instagram for a while. Just recently bought some nail wraps to give it a go as I can't have false nails for my work. It does take some practice to get the perfect application, but it becomes easy and quick once you know how to do it. The video tutorials are defo helpful. It's also super easy to remove. Just peel off when you need, and clean the stickiness of your nails. Doesn't damage my nails at all. A great manicure products for me."


"MeiMei nail wraps are the best wraps Iv tried. Don't need heat lamp or hair dryer, just peel off and stick on my nails. I use gel top coat with the wraps, and it normally last 2-3 weeks! Love it! "


mei mei press on nail wrap